Diving Deep

We decided to tell you more about us in-depth with the upper layer of us projected on the “About Us” page.

Everyone comes with a story and our stories are fairly different from each other. The female story consists of a childhood where wants were met, but friends were non-existence. Mental health challenges sprouted and life became a constant battle with her thoughts and reality. The male story consists of rebels and connections with a “normality” to his life. The story of us began from a “swipe right” off of tinder and led us down a path of years of relationship. We are both current students in the psychology field, yet working at a tax firm. We have also moved out and currently living in a rental apartment together with our 4 loving pets.

Relationships are a battle no matter what story you bring into the relationship but with the hold of each other’s hand, it is doable with growth within the bond. It has been almost 3 years since we met and as the relationship period expands, the bumpier the ride gets between us. Being in our 20s is challenging, but it’s the years where adulthood takes place and when the craziness starts to fade. Even though craziness fades, don’t forget, that entertainment still exists, let’s explore some adult fun with some alcoholic beverages.

Now, grab some of your favourite alcoholic beverages and join us in our adulthood journey.

Published by Kristy L

I am a teenager that wish to express their inner thoughts out to public and hope that others can take something away from my words.

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